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Wine tradition from a modern point of view

The origin of the Marqués de Murrieta winery is linked to the origin of Rioja wine. The origin of the Marqués de Murrieta winery is linked to the origin of Rioja wine. Located in the heart of Rioja, this estate houses the Ygay Castle, headquarters of the Marqués de Murrieta winery, and is surrounded by 300 hectares of vineyards. In 2014, the rehabilitation and modernization of its more than twenty buildings was completed; it was at that time and through the designer Josep Maria Morera, that we received the commission to signpost the winery and identify the different buildings of the Estate. The resulting exquisite architecture and the care with which the Property has carried out this renovation, both inside the buildings and in the external areas with accesses, gardens, paths and squares extraordinarily recovered, meant a professional challenge for Signes.

The choice of the material that would have the commitment to unify all the markings and destinations of the signage was very important and Corten steel met these expectations. This material was perfectly integrated into the environment, fit in with the winery’s philosophy and matched the architecture. Self-patinizing steel or, as it is commercially known, corten steel, is an alloy of steel with nickel, chromium and copper. This chemical composition allows its oxidation to have particular characteristics that protect the part against atmospheric corrosion.

This oxidation gives the pieces a reddish-purple appearance with a worn, even old or stained look, but which is part of the modern language of traditional sculptures.