Emergency signage, our experience guarantees reassurance

Whilst a building’s exterior and interior signage should present users with the confidence to be able to find their way around, in the case of emergency and evacuation signage, conveying a sense of safety and security is paramount..

Given our wealth of experience, we approach every project with a detailed, diligent study of its requirements, applying our knowledge of each environment and its subsequent regulations.

Any manufacturing defect or misplaced signage detail can soon become an issue further down the line.

In emergency situations, signage is aimed as much at alerting regular users of the building as first time visitors, in cases where a hazardous occurrence requires urgent action, such as the need to evacuate the danger area in a predetermined fashion.

This signage covers everything from the location of fire protection provisions to evacuation routes and rescue aids in their various forms: directional signposts to illustrate the locations of emergency exits; positional labels that are placed on the emergency exits themselves; evacuation plans that show both the route to the emergency exits as well as the location of different fire-fighting equipment (fire extinguishers, hoses, manual call points etc.); signs that show not only the location of the fire-fighting equipment, but also additional information on when not to use lifts or certain exits or routes, based on a fire being in a specific location.

Emergency and evacuation signage is an ongoing challenge that we have always sought to meet head-on. We are fully aware that emergency signage must be foolproof.

For that reason, we leave nothing to chance. The signage for every building should be governed by both regulations and common sense, but unfortunately, the standard market alternatives leave a lot to be desired, as much for the basic materials used to make them as their generic imagery. In many cases, creating signage to regulation standard ultimately becomes a compromise on aesthetics and good taste.

With this in mind, we have designed and manufactured a class of category A emergency and evacuation signage (photoluminescent products with a high level of brightness, recommended for use on signage or beacons in populated public places or locations using artificial lighting exclusively), that, in compliance with the current regulations (UNE 23033-1: 1981 and UNE 23034: 1988), has a much better design, at a competitive price.

We know there was not too much to improve upon, but we are happy with the final result. The materials, the finishes, the most refined colours and the collaboration of craftsman Andreu Balius, designer of the DSIGNES typography and its pictograms … given all this, we are proud to present this Signes product as our own.