Public information signage in cities

Our services are used by government and local councils, as well as corporate and cultural institutions seeking to develop signage projects designed specifically for urban areas.

Public spaces allow for the creation of routes that provide easy access to museums, historical sites, cultural tours and sporting attractions etc., as well fulfilling any other requirement of a particular zone or building. All of this assists in improving the brand image of the institutions involved in the project, whilst helping users to more easily understand unfamiliar surroundings. Ultimately, it reflects favourably on the image of the city, and above all, it improves the service for the public.

Implementing good urban signage is a complex task. It has to meet these requirements by putting a signage plan into practice that meets each specific user need, whilst still retaining a feel for the identity of the city. It is important to analyse existing circulation plans and traffic flows in order to redirect visitors when the need arises, avoiding unnecessary congestion while at the same time offering a solution to potential security issues.

Urban Signage

The ever-shifting arrangement of modern-day cities entails a large number of street level elements (public seating, street lamps, rubbish bins, kiosks, traffic lights, etc.), that requires fieldwork to be carried out by our team of on-site specialists. Any new signage elements will integrate into current public furniture design types and should be analysed ergonomically so as not to clutter their surroundings or clash with existing styles.

In certain particular projects, dynamic signage can be used to resolve issues arising from last-minute changes or unforeseen circumstances; creating new routes and requirements; providing price and scheduling information; updating messages and information on the fly through the development of tailor-made software specific to each case.

The last point to take into account with urban signage is its resistance to outdoor conditions, and above all, vandalism. Unfortunately, this last point is one of the most determining factors when it comes to correctly maintaining signage in an urban environment. The materials and finishes used must always be hard-wearing and easy to clean.