Signage company, our experience is our guarantee

Signes Imatge i Comunicació is a company specialising in the implementation of corporate branding and signage, founded in 1983 by Lluís Morón.

Since its inception, the company has sought to differentiate itself from the usual sign and label companies. Signes specialized and developed mainly in projects related to good design, projects with added value, where graphic design, engineering and industrial design had a high level.

Projects and signage for companies that allowed us to grow in the 80’s alongside clients as important as “La Caixa”, Telefónica, Sony, Agencia Efe, Repsol or the Maritime Stations of the Port of Barcelona. Huge customers for a tiny, fast-growing Signes in those early years.

The products manufactured and developed by Signes have always solved the challenges and needs of our customers, whose problems we take on as if they were our own, no matter now difficult.

Our signage production plant for companies is equipped with the most advanced means and equipment, allowing the necessary flexibility to undertake from a singular and exclusive production to a large serial production project. Our human team -in continuous training- has a great specialization and experience, backed up by dozens of singular projects.

Items difficult to produce on an industrial scale or those requiring complex finishes are routine for our company. By carefully studying each project, researching and working on the smallest detail, combined with our experience of over thirty-five years in the sector, we are able to suggest the best materials and finishes for our customers, relevant to the scale of their intended application.

The constant updating and modernisation of materials, finishes and technology is essential in a sector as dynamic as corporate branding. From day one, quality and attention to detail have been the most important aspects of our work, and since 1998, our products have carried the Calidad ISO 9001 and Medio Ambiente ISO 14001 standards that set them apart.