Digital signage based on versatility, dynamism and immediacy

Digital signage, also known as dynamic digital signage or multimedia digital signage, is the use of digital content projected through LED, LCD or plasma screens.

Technology is constantly changing, and continually alters the way we interact with our environment. Signage has also evolved and increasingly, digital signage solutions are an essential resource to make the messages we want to communicate more flexible. It allows presenting information dynamically, changing the information in an agile way, facilitating user interaction with the contents. It converts static into dynamic.

Digital signage allows content to be displayed quickly and dynamically, replacing or complementing traditional signage. It also allows precise schedules to be adapted to the days, times and specific or systematic needs related to the habits of our customers’ clients.

Digital Signage

At Signes we have followed this path that allows us to study each case and offer the best solutions, within a wide range of options, to give the right answer to each need with the right investment. From hardware, to custom software or content managers to facilitate and simplify the maintenance of the messages displayed. Our multi-sectorial experience offers the possibility of developing unique projects with the use of different technologies and with the industrial design that best fits each group.

  • Interactive digital directories: These are very useful in shopping malls, hospitals, museums, hotels, etc. where information can be easily changed, modified and updated using the appropriate software.
  • Digital screens or interactive displays: To show information or advertising, images and/or videos.
  • Decorative luminous solutions for facades or interiors: Through RGB luminaires. They are very versatile as you can achieve the desired color(s) for the right moment with infinite programming possibilities.