Company policy

At SIGNES we have a tradition of high quality as experts in Wayfinding and implementing branded corporate signage.

SIGNES’ strategy has a clear objective: to constantly improve in order to achieve maximum satisfaction for our clients. It is based on the study and analysis of context, market information, other parties concerned (clients, the customers of our clients, partners and staff) as well as risks and opportunities. It is managed by objectives that allow its viability and growth.

We have implemented an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System, based on international standards ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015. We strive for excellence in our work, meeting the requirements of those standards and fulfilling their objectives.

For this, we centre ourselves on the following principles:

Honesty. Ethical values

We have a strong ethical commitment to our customers. We do not see the trust they place in us as simply just a business transaction. If we gain their trust ahead of our competitors, our commitment to the contracted agreement must have an unquestionable ethical disposition.

Experience. Leading the way

SIGNES has continued experience – since 1982 – winner of the National Design Award. This distinctive feature – which confirms our maturity and skill – demands that we be leaders of our sector, improving ourselves to meet the needs of our customers, to propose improvements and creative solutions before the client is even aware of the need for them.

Customer Service

At SIGNES we focus on customer service with the singular aim of achieving business excellence. The flexibility, accuracy and speed in developing a project, manufacturing a piece or solving an issue, is what sets us apart from our competitors. Customer Service

The importance of image

Since we started, at SIGNES we see our image as a strategy that goes beyond the realm of graphics, visual communication and advertising, covering practically every aspect of business activity. And this is what we want to convey to our clients in every job.

Commitment to the Environment

We are firmly committed to our way of doing in order to contribute to environmental protection and pollution prevention. Our goal is to minimize and prevent, to the extent of possible, the environmental impacts of our activity.

At SIGNES we have always wanted to go beyond strict compliance with the legislation. We take on the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies as an active and voluntary contribution to social, economic and environmental improvement, as well as the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact. This policy will allow the company to maintain a sufficient level of business to generate the resources that will ensure its competitiveness in the market of the future. This policy as well as the quality and environment aims are documented and communicated to all employees, and are available to the public upon request.

November 2017