WetFloor, signage to take care of the details

WetFloor is a moveable signage stand used to display temporary information in quality environments. Safety signage for wet floors is imperative in areas with a high density of users.

Signes has developed this model to replace the aesthetically outmoded traditional, standard yellow PVC solution. WetFloor is a stand that has been designed for use in spaces in which image is all important. Its design makes it ideal for environments in which care has been taken to match the interior design, furniture and surroundings to the overall aesthetic of the space. As well as graphic solutions designed to warn of wet floors indoors, WetFloor can also be used as required for outdoor environments with unfavourable weather conditions.

This item is made from a compact, high pressure laminated phenolic board. The material used is a mixture of up to 70% wood fibres and thermosetting resins. It is a solid, robust material, resistant to impact, water and moisture damage.

The standard model is yellow with black graphics, contrasting colours that draw the user’s attention, the familiar yellow ‘blot’ calling to mind the signs that we are used to seeing. The message communicates across a variety of languages. This item can also be customised with the customer’s corporate brand identity or with a specific message to fulfil a particular requirement.

In keeping with consistent environmental considerations, the design does not include aluminium in its construction, making this compact laminate board more eco-efficient. Its specially designed hinge allows the base to be folded down for easy storage. It can be easily managed with just one hand.