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Leer Madrid: Discover the city by foot

With the arrival of good weather, Madrid brings out its new wayfinding system. This will make it easier to get around, both for locals and visitors. Leer Madrid. Design: Applied Information Group Signage, such as directional posts and totem-like signs, have been implemented to help people find places of interest…



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We define it in many ways: signage, signposting, labelling, directions… A particular word exists in English – wayfinding – that does not have a literal equivalent in Spanish, but it explains so much more. Wayfinding goes way beyond putting up signposts, it takes into account numerous factors such as the architecture, the internal layout, the landscape, the strategical study of the requirements of those using a particular space, the analysis of the cognitive responses of people trying to find their way around, graphic design, message clarity, legibility; in short, everything required to meet the need of finding your way around. Good wayfinding analyses these different factors and provides an efficient solution to people finding their way around both external and internal environments; and this solution should be multi-channel.

At Signes we are experts in wayfinding, which is to say, we study every project according to its own particular requirements. For us, standard modular signage is useful in specific situations in which

a high number of changes are required, but it is not a complete solution. We know that every space improves with signage that is tailored specifically to its needs.

Signage has many forms and purposes, and as such, the needs and requirements are various. Exterior signage requires an industrial approach, designed to withstand the rigours of changing weather conditions or vandalism, factors that may not apply in the same way to interior signage. When we develop signage for hospitals, we understand that those using them, in particularly the elderly, may require more simple directions than when the focus of the project is geared towards providing signage for shopping centres, or for businesses in which signage is required for vastly different types of people. At Signes, we take on this individual distinction as our challenge. We approach every project with a different vision. Urban signage may differ from tourist signage, even though both must coexist in the same environment. Parking signs have to be able to be read from a

moving vehicle, so the information they convey must be easily read and clearly understood. Moveable signage needs to be resistant enough to endure constant handling.
Emergency signage is subject to strict regulatory standards laid out by the UNE. However, the Signes range of approved products has been designed for use in buildings that have invested in quality interior design.

In this sense, the colours have been carefully chosen, as have the graphics, the typography and support materials, each of which perfectly complies with regulatory standards without compromising the warmth of the space.

The experience that Signes has gained from hundreds of signage projects for public spaces allows us take on the challenge of any wayfinding project with the utmost efficiency. Aiming to completely satisfy our customers is our best guarantee.