Wayfinding Design: Signage design from experience

Signage is a communication system that responds to the need of finding our way around. It serves as a guide to help recognise spaces which may not be familiar to us.

Signage promotes reassurance and ease of use when it comes to unfamiliar locations. It should serve as a guide and answer questions fully, it should promote confidence and comfort; its primary purpose being to anticipate needs or doubts in order to avoid uncertainty and chaos. It seems fitting to say that signage ‘hangs’ on the corporate identity of the company itself, and must achieve the best possible working response to the specific problem that each signage program poses.

Our Wayfinding department specialises in carrying out signage projects, analysing the requirements for each particular space. Always working with good design, our history and experience allow us to develop and roll-out any signage based on our client’s brand image.

Wayfinding Desing

Our signage designers and technicians carry out a detailed requirement analysis of each building or facility, defining and developing all of the project’s requirements: studying flow and circulation; defining categories and signage requirements (which element models are necessary for the project, as well as their locations) and defining content.

At the graphic design level, the project will capture the features, the style or the nature of the client’s corporate colour scheme, whilst at an industrial level adapting to the tone, the architecture or interior design, looking to find the best results for materials and finishes, and always keeping in mind that the end product must meet requirements at a reasonable cost.

Once the above points have been determined, we undertake the industrial design of each and every element. The key to this phase of the project is selecting the materials, finishes, structures, forms of lighting, the parts assembly system, the fixtures and anchoring, the manufacturing methods and the graphics application.

It is very important to pay special attention to small details and finishes, as these are the determining factors of a good project.

And finally, if the customer is happy to proceed, the necessary paperwork can be drawn up for production (of final designs) and assembly criteria. The experience that we have accumulated over three decades through small, medium and large-scale projects, gives us the knowledge and confidence that we have the right people and consultancy teams to instantly take on any challenge.