Guaranteed confidence in your parking signage.

These days car park signage is a genuinely specialist field.

In the vast majority of cases, access to shopping centres, office buildings, business parks, department stores and hospitals etc., is obtained via vehicle.

The entrances to car parks, as well as the elevator halls and stairways that give access to their floors, have in reality become the primary way in to most buildings.

Different materials and finishes from those used in the rest of the car park are used to decorate the walls and ceilings. These areas are painted with striking colours to create a focal point for the vertical cores that connect the rest of the building; decorative lighting is enhanced, meaning that the overall visual presentation of signage now becomes a key component.

This has been the driving force behind our specialisation in this field. We are greatly experienced in developing wayfinding projects for signage in car parks.

Parking Signage

Thanks to digital signage we can resolve traffic flow issues that arise at certain times of day, when the number of users significantly increases.

The ease with which digital signage systems can be operated means that new routes can be created in seconds, thus preventing potential gridlock in large car parks.

The individual features of each vehicle route, pedestrian walkway or the variation between floors, means that good signage is required firstly to be able to locate access points, then for the all important step of finding the vehicle again up returning.

Efficient car park signage helps to avoid traffic accidents and lost time.

The recommended use of luminous, dynamic or digital signs of suitable sizes within their proper location, and the use of informational messages specific to this area, will create a user-friendly experience that reflects positively on the image of the company they are visiting.