Casa del Lector

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From the hand of Alberto Corazón

A few years ago, the former Matadero in Madrid became a great center for contemporary creation and, within this magnificent space -recovered for art, design and creativity- the Casa del Lector was built in 2012.

This institution is actually the International Center for Research, Analysis, Development and Promotion of Reading, a project of the Germán Sánchez Ruipérez Foundation, which is dedicated to cultural creation, reading promotion and educational innovation, among other purposes.

In such a special setting and so close to our profession, Alberto Corazón -a prestigious designer and creator from Madrid- could not miss the opportunity for the graphic application, identity and signage of the space to play a very important role in the different halls that make up this great space.

In this context, Signes advised in engineering, in the search for materials, application techniques, materials and finishes, manufacturing and implementing with rigor the designs of master Corazón.