Patient experience: enhanced by digital guidance

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User experience in hospitals

Sometimes it is difficult for users to have a positive experience in their visits to healthcare hospitals. To commemorate the Patient Experience Week celebrated last month, we would like to thank all the workers who attend with their best smile to the users who visit the health centers on a daily basis.

We know that digital signage on mobile is a great help to improve the user experience. The objective is to make it easier for users to move around the hospitals and feel accompanied at all times during their visit.

How? Giving easy-to-follow directions via cell phone reduces stress on visits and the uncertainty of knowing if you are going to the right place and if you will arrive on time.

An important feature in the case of Signes-Eyedog is that it can remind you of an appointment. This allows you to plan your visit in advance and see all the steps before you leave home. It is a great relief that is solved thanks to having a forecast with which you can know where you have to go step by step.

Users will always feel oriented.