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The signaling system that facilitates health protection without the need to download an app.

A new orientation experience specially designed for hospitals. It provides all the necessary information to users, so that they can move autonomously through the space using their mobile device. With the use of this web app, contacts and risks are reduced.

Among others, these are its disadvantages:

  • Reduces risks to personnel by providing accurate information to the user.
  • It configures temporary itineraries, creating provisional routes to eventual destinations.
  • Launches safety messages at any point along the route.
  • Configure customized routes for each user, avoiding risky areas.
  • Simple and intuitive interface design, designed for ease of use by elderly users and users inexperienced in apps.
  • It gives the possibility to include a direct link in the medical appointment, making the visit faster, safer and more efficient.
  • Quick and easy to implement, it can be ready in 3 weeks.
  • Best market price, with adaptable economic proposals.
  • No WiFi, 3G or 4G connection required.

It is specially designed for: Hospitals, Primary Care Centers, Primary Care Emergency Centers, Sociosanitary Centers, Clinics, Residential Centers, etc.