Signes at Madrid Design Festival 2020

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On the occasion of Madrid Design Festival 2020, Signes participated in a meeting between Spanish companies that promote international competitions and awards to support emerging talent in different creative fields such as design, interior design, architecture and artistic craftsmanship. In addition to Andreu World, the organizing company, along with Signes, Cosentino, Roca and the Loewe Foundation participated in the event.

Signes organized the Signes Awards between 1995 and 2005 with the aim of promoting among students in the final years of design schools, the concern for research and the search for new archetypes in the field of the implementation of Corporate Identity and Signage.

In its last editions the call was international and was organized by the Signes Foundation (whose purpose was the promotion and development of design, mainly graphic and industrial, especially supporting design students or designers who are beginning in the exercise of their profession).

The juries were always made up of prestigious national and international names such as Ron Arad, Mario Eskenazi, Alan Fletcher, Juan Gatti, Javier Mariscal, Oliviero Toscani, Fernando Gutiérrez, Juli Capella, Josep Maria Mir, Pati Núñez, Alberto Anaut, Italo Lupi, Jorge Wagesberg, Carlos Rolando, Jaime Hayón, Óscar Tusquets, Erik Spiekermann and Luis Morillas, among others.

One of the singularities of the Signes Award was the design of the trophy. In each edition they were renewed, contrary to what happens in the professional awards. Signed by top designers (Pepe Cruz Novillo, Óscar Mariné, Alberto Corazón, Isidro Ferrer, Daniel Nebot and Ettore Sottsass, among others), three unique pieces were produced for the gold, silver and bronze categories.

It initially awarded three prizes worth 6,000 euros, which were later replaced by something much more valuable: a professional opportunity in the form of a scholarship to work for six months in places like Fabrica (Benetton), Interaction Design Institut Ivrea (Olivetti) or Estudio Mariscal.

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