Hospital del Mar

Corporate signage, Interior signage, Wayfinding Design
30 Jan. 2019, Barcelona, Spain

A large health park on the Barcelona coast

Hospital del Mar is a hospital with more than 100 years of history. It was inaugurated in 1905 and in 2005 it received the Creu de Sant Jordi in commemoration of its centenary. It is a small sized hospital, which has 400 conventional beds and modern facilities; polyvalent cubicles, medical clinics, operating rooms, delivery rooms and diagnostics rooms.

Given its architectural configuration, it is immersed in an important expansion project, which will double its current dimensions, in order to continue covering the health needs of Barcelona's marine neighbourhoods.

Signes won the public tender to study the hospital's signage needs to identify the new building and the access routes to the new hospital. The team of wayfinding technicians of Signes developed a chromatic system to identify the different areas and accesses, designing a family of signs that facilitate circulation through the new facilities; directional totems, general and plant directories, directional, pictograms, positional signs, a set of signalling elements that help the hospital user recognise spaces, facilitates the understanding of new facilities and helps locate the new hospital.

The signalling was complemented with a specific labelling for children in the paediatric area. Friendly and amusing graphics designed by Mercè Núñez Mayoral, manufactured and introduced by Signes to help the younger users of the hospital to feel at home.

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