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19 Oct. 2017, Madrid, Spain


Madrid. Spain

Signage that matches up to a major brand name.

Axiare Patrimonio manages a portfolio of high quality real estate assets, consisting mainly of offices in Madrid and Barcelona, as well as logistical and commercial assets, applying innovative management strategies to become the benchmark of profitability and excellence in the sector.

A visit to their buildings shows how each detail has been carefully taken care of and how signage is an important part of the image that the brand projects, creating a corporate signature that unifies the architectural diversity of its assets.

In the primary phase, Signes has been actively involved in designing and developing each of the elements, with the use of materials such as stainless steel applied with both matt and gloss finishes; each projects different reflections, which help to distinguish the shapes.

The elements that make up each piece are suited according to size. Different thicknesses cast shadows via the controlled and measured use of lighting, almost always in a halo, adding an aspect that conveys modernity and excellence.

The interior has been set out with lightweight elements whose dimensions and finishes blend in with the design. They can also be used for spaces with different interior themes by using the same base design with different materials of equal quality. In turn, without having a literal brand stamp, the elements have been designed to speak the same corporate language.

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