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A signage at the height of a great brand.

Axiare Patrimonio manages a portfolio of high quality real estate assets, consisting mainly of offices in Madrid and Barcelona, as well as logistics and commercial assets, applying innovative management strategies to become a benchmark for profitability and excellence in the sector.

When visiting its buildings, it is evident how every detail has been taken care of with great care and how the signage is an important part of the image projected by the brand, creating a corporate seal that unifies the architectural diversity of its assets.

In a first phase Signes has actively participated in the design and development of the elements, the use of materials such as stainless steel applied with different finishes: matte and glossy polishes project different reflections, which help to read the shapes. The elements that make up each piece play with volumetry.

The different thicknesses cast shadows that with the controlled and measured use of lighting, almost always in halo, confer an appearance that conveys modernity and excellence. The interior has been designed with light elements that are integrated into its walls and finishes and that, when applied with different basic quality materials on the same design base, can be located in spaces with different interior design. At the same time, without having a literal reading of the brand, the elements have been designed to breathe the same corporate language.