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Europe's first LEED-certified shopping center

The most important feature of this shopping center located in Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid) is that it is the first shopping center to obtain LEED certification, making it a leader in energy efficiency and sustainable design. Although it has been in operation for years – it opened in 2009 – it enjoys a very excellent image and has seventy stores with the best brands in fashion, accessories, restaurants and gastronomy in its 25,000 m2.

It has a spectacular luminous façade with digital information panels that distinguishes the building. A wide access to the parking lot with three generous floors, facilitates the access to its customers, since most of them arrive to the center by car.

Signes won the competition for the design of the center’s signage and the subsequent manufacture and assembly of all the elements that help the user to navigate naturally through the building.

Signes proposed huge Corten steel letters arranged at the main entrance in the form of a semicircle representing an extrusion that starts from the ground at 45º, turning the main square into a spectacular sculptural attraction. Stone-lined concrete cubes with inlaid letters serve to protect the entrance and highlight the main entrance.

Interior signage is displayed throughout the corridors to easily locate visitor destinations. A chromatic code was created for the parking lot with several photographs of the sky at different times; red sky at dawn, bluish at full sun and cloudy and gray for the last floor, this design forms a color code for each floor of the parking lot and facilitates the user’s quick location.