Stade Omnisport Omar Bongo

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A stadium in Gabon

Gabon is a country in East Africa below the Gulf of Guinea. Throughout the African continent there is a great passion for soccer and in its capital Libreville there was a stadium in need of modern rehabilitation.

The Spanish company Eurofinsa has led this project, converting the new Stade Omnisport Omar Bongo into one of the most modern sports facilities in the country, which has been built in honor of President Omar Bongo, who governed Gabon from 1967 to 2009. This soccer stadium can accommodate 40,000 fans.

The stadium identification and signage project was entrusted to Signes. Concept Design’s proposal is based on the green, yellow and blue colors of the Gabonese flag. Based on this chromatic premise, the different supports have been designed to identify the stadium, locate the sectors, which were arranged following the cardinal points N, S, E and W to locate the accesses, since the circular architecture can confuse users. Starting at the entrance, doors, aisles and seats were marked. The signaling also resolves in parallel the entry of vehicles and goods.

The project included the study of needs, graphic and industrial design of the different elements; totem, directional, positional, informative messages of recommendations or prohibitions, ticket offices, toilets and cafeterias. All signage was in French.