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A chic Outlet

La Roca Village is one of nine villages of The Bicester Village Shopping Collection in Europe.

At the end of the 1990s, La Roca Village was introduced in Spain with a completely innovative shopping center concept and design. An Outlet of luxury brands in an unbeatable outdoor location, a quality villa with excellent service in a chic, trendy and cozy atmosphere. La Roca Village has an important activity, organizing glamorous fashion events with exceptional prices in attractive promotional campaigns with incredible prices. Affordable luxury became a novelty, a necessity and an immediate success model.

The wayfinding program design was provided by Value Retail, carried out by its U.S. Design Company.

This international project became for Signes one of the first major challenges with designers from outside our borders. The designs that arrived from the team of American designers were real puzzles, new and complex materials, impossible assemblies and finishes never seen before in the national market, all a challenge and an opportunity to grow.

Signes manufactured all the signage for the center, from a 9-meter totem that welcomed customers at the main traffic circle, to the construction of a masonry wall finished with a Gaudinian “trencadís” as a directional support with the brand “La Roca Village”.

We collaborated from the beginning of the project with the designers, solving the wayfinding system for the parking area, pedestrian signage, customer access and the back house for operators, employees and suppliers.

Seen in perspective La Roca Village was our baptism in international projects.