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One of the best museums in the world

We have had the confidence of this customer for many years. Since we manufactured the signage for the unique extension building of the Jerónimos, designed by the award-winning architect Rafael Moneo, we have strengthened our already consolidated relationship with the Museum.

Moneo’s project began in 2007, gaining 14,500 m2 for the museum. Its labyrinthine connecting corridors with the adjoining service building, as well as the delicate implantation on the existing majestic singular spaces, was a challenge that we took on looking for the most appropriate signage solutions for the environment.

In the Prado Museum, less is more. Under this premise, the industrial solutions of the most emblematic pieces, worked with a single material, bronze, were proposed. We used a graphic resource that came from the façade itself designed by the architect: the stone joint had an impact on the graphics itself, creating a subtle horizontal indentation in the text, which we incorporated into the interior signage to achieve the same coherence that Moneo used in the granite identification of the main entrance.

Exterior opis, decoration of railings, positional texts, pictograms, sign holders, mailboxes, directories, displays, tabletops, etc… including the signage of the interior areas (back of house) which, in the case of this museum, are very important for the employees working in the offices and warehouses.