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University Hospitals in Cartagena and Mar Menor

CASA, an architectural firm specialized in the field of health architecture, called us for the study of needs and design of the signage of the Santa Lucia and Los Arcos Hospitals of the Murcian Health Service.

The two buildings, located in the same community and built at almost the same time, were a challenge for Signes.

The client had a Corporate Identity Manual but no signage system for its hospitals. The first task of our company was to design a Signage Manual to be implemented, not only in these two hospitals, but also in those that may be built in the future.

The program that was designed contemplated all the identification of buildings at medium and long distances, as well as directional signs, totems and signage complements to locate both pedestrian and road accesses.

The identification of entrances, general and specialty directories, as well as directional and positional elements and pictograms to locate destinations, were manufactured in painted aluminum and labeled with vinyl in order to have a quality product at an optimal price, to meet the requirements of a good signage, in its conception and production, for a public hospital.