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The Canal Bank

Multibank is an entity with high solvency and prestige in the financial and banking industry in Panama.

It has been operating in the country since 1990 with more than 25 branches. Due to the significant growth of the Company and in order to have a corporate headquarters, Multibank commissioned the architects Ricardo Bofill and Principia Design of Barcelona to build a 14-story building. A corporate building to house its luxurious offices, restaurant, auditorium, museum and even a synagogue.

The building is one of the most modern towers in Panama’s skyline.

Thanks to the close collaboration we have had for years with Ricardo Bofill’s Architecture Workshop, we were entrusted with the project to implement the new corporate identity in the tower, to resolve the identification at long, medium and short distance, the brand is proposed in illuminated signs that are integrated into the building with the utmost respect for the architecture.

The project includes the study of the needs of all the floors, including the parking lot that accesses through its interior to most of the floors, as well as the graphic design of all the pieces (exterior access totem, identification of entrances, directories, screens, directional, positional, floor numbers, pictograms, etc.). The design includes Braille signage and access for people with reduced mobility.