Megapark Barakaldo Shopping Center

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The remodeling of a large commercial park

Megapark Barakaldo is the largest retail park in northern Spain. It was inaugurated in 2004 and after several years in operation it suffered from several signaling problems typical of the passage of time: there were obsolete signs and the quality of some of them was not adequate, presenting a poor state of preservation. All this had an impact on the image of the center and, for this reason, the park management entrusted Signes with the task of updating and improving the signage.

We carry out a wayfinding project and the subsequent manufacture and implementation of all the necessary signs.

After an exhaustive initial report, which reflected the existing problems, Megapark opted for a new signage design to be implemented as soon as possible. Signes’ expertise was key to offering solutions tailored to the client’s budget.

A large part of the existing signage was removed and new signs were installed at strategic points in the commercial areas, such as the entrances to the parking lots and the location of the brands operating in Megapark. Finally, to make the center visible from the roadways, a 40-meter-long sign was installed on the facade.

With these interventions we managed to update the image of the center and improve the visitors’ experience.