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A jewel of Catalan Modernism

The Hotel España, built in 1859 and located in the historic center of Barcelona, is a jewel of Catalan Modernism. The architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner renovated it in 1900, applying the latest advances of the time, installing one of the first elevators in Barcelona with telephone and electricity. Artists of the time collaborated in the project, such as the painter Ramon Casas, who sgraffitied marine motifs in the dining room, and the sculptor Eusebi Arnau, author of the magnificent five-meter-high alabaster fireplace representing the ages of man.

In 2010 it was rehabilitated to retake the spirit of Montaner, since the passage of time had degraded the building. Today it is a jewel of Modernism that breathes in all its corners the history of Barcelona, but in parallel enjoys the best and most modern facilities.

At the helm of the Fonda España restaurant is the chef Martín Berasategui.

The interior designer Merçè Borrell, in charge of the project, commissioned Signes to carry out the signage needs study.

As in all protected historic buildings, the signage must fulfill its function without being conspicuous and as unnoticed as possible.

In order to identify the main façade, we did away with the sign supports and bases and opted for loose individual letters, manufactured on milled aluminum, painted and integrated into the architecture. Completing the exterior with vinyl marking on the elegant windows of the hotel and restaurant.

With the same milled and painted aluminum material, floor numbers, directional signs to locate rooms and monumental spaces, room numbers, positional numbers and pictograms were used. The project was completed with standardized emergency and evacuation signage in Signes, which covers the existing regulations.