Hospital Clínic de Barcelona

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Pioneers in research and wayfinding

The Hospital Clínic of Barcelona is known for always being at the forefront of innovation and research, being the home of the University of Medicine of Barcelona, a university that is located on the same campus as the hospital and where doctors have been trained since 1843.

The new management of Hospital Clínic has set as one of its main objectives to improve the user experience and the impression that the user takes away from his visit to the hospital, from the medical response offered to the services and facilities that the user finds at his disposal.

The Signes|Eyedog app convinced those in charge of the hospital’s general improvement plan from the outset, and Signes was commissioned to carry out an initial implementation in the General Hospital and then to extend the application to the Outpatients and Maternity buildings.

The collaboration between Signes and Hospital Clínic de Barcelona did not end with the implementation of Signes|Eyedog. Some sessions were held in which, thanks to its team of volunteers, some points of improvement of the application were detected, which have been reflected in subsequent updates of the application. The app is available, free of charge, for iOS and Android platforms and already has thousands of downloads.