Generalitat de Catalunya. Administrative District

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Administrative District of the Generalitat de Catalunya

The new headquarters opened early last year, a complex designed to offer top quality workspaces that promote the well-being of people with maximum architectural and energy efficiency. It was designed by the architectural team Batlle i Roig.

It consists of two rectangular buildings of five and six floors, with a total of 46,000 square meters of office space, plus an additional 11,000 square meters of archives and underground parking. It is the largest administrative complex of the Generalitat.

Signes was in charge of both the wayfinding project and the subsequent production and installation of all the signage elements.

The first challenge we faced was to design elements that were inspired by the signage manual of the Generalitat de Catalunya, but that were perfectly integrated into the building. The result is a signage of very clean lines in white, integrating stainless steel and turquoise green to contrast with the wood, which is present in much of the building.

A simple signage, which adapts to the new forms of collaborative work and aims to last over time being fully functional in a space that is constantly changing.