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Timely rebranding

The architects Batllé i Roig, who had just finished shaping the new corporate headquarters of GB Foods in l’Hospitalet, took us by the hand to this new client, who needed a fast and quality performance. GB Foods, the union of different companies and prestigious brands (Gallina Blanca, Star, Jumbo, Gran d’Italia, Gino), etc, trusted Signes to carry out the signage of its new building, coinciding at the same time with its corporate identity change, carried out by Summa.

Los trabajos se coordinaron con los demás industriales que trabajaban en el edificio, y los 5.000 m2 de sus instalaciones quedaron delimitados a tiempo para su inauguración.

During the production of the GB Foods corporate headquarters signage we followed the guidelines of Summa, experts in branding. Given the graphic proposals, we defined the materials for manufacturing, according to their locations and needs and supervising the measurements and other parameters that ensured that we could carry out the work in the most appropriate way, from vinyl with digital printing graphics that cover all the exterior windows of the ground floor to interior corporeal markings, and of course, the exterior illuminated corporate sign.

Thanks to the results and the confidence obtained by our client, we have also signaled other work centers, such as the technological building in Rubí or its factory in Sant Joan Despí.