El Jardín de Serrano Shopping Center

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An elegantly select space

This shopping center, located in the elegant Salamanca district of Madrid, is an excellent center that, thanks to its size and location, has become a select shopping and leisure space, in one of the best and most dynamic commercial areas of the city.

The architecture and interior design, the materials and finishes are of a refined good taste that turns this singular space into a quality environment where locating elements free of signage becomes a challenge.

Signes has been responsible for the implementation of the branding and signage of the Center for more than 20 years.

Taking advantage of the change and modernization of the brand in 2013, the two entrance canopies were updated, incorporating the new identity in the structure itself to unify the new signs with the architecture of the building. Signes designed a minimalist solution to integrate the solution into the existing roof. Translucent materials were used, illuminated by LEDs, studying an industrial solution that would allow easy maintenance. The exterior signage was completed with a general brass directory to locate the operators and was complemented with screen-printed canvas banners.

The interior signage was also resolved with minimal solutions, using quality materials such as steel or polished and varnished brass, but applied with great rigor and following the motto “less is more”. We are proud of this project, a minimal intervention to achieve an excellent and elegant result.