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DKV Seguros corporate headquarters in Spain

The signage project for the corporate headquarters of DKV Seguros Médicos in Zaragoza was a challenge for SIGNES.

DKV Seguros is a great company, with a high level of quality and a philosophy deeply rooted in respect for nature and the environment. This building is also the headquarters of the Integralia Foundation, which collaborates with people who deserve special attention and helps them to better integrate into society and the world of work.

The architecture and interior design of the building are exquisitely respectful of the environment. A LEED-certified building, where signage takes on a special meaning, to help users move and circulate with reliability and total autonomy.

The signage project was based on DKV’s corporate identity, but making a rigorous effort to comply with ISO quality standards, with special attention to letter sizes to facilitate reading for visually impaired people, outstanding color contrasts, graphics with reliefs and, of course, all relevant texts in Braille. Apart from the formal signage, photographs and fresh graphics were incorporated to identify open spaces, meeting areas, agoras with images of forests and natural open spaces, in short, to signpost and decorate a work space to make it a pleasant place where a professional task has to be carried out daily in a comfortable way.