Diagonal Mar Shopping Center

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The Mediterranean Shopping Center

Diagonal Mar is one of the leading shopping centers in the city of Barcelona and one of the largest. Leading restaurant operator in Spain, with approximately 200 establishments of recognized brands. Diagonal Mar Shopping is much more than a shopping center, it hosts solidarity initiatives, carries out environmental awareness campaigns or crowdfunding actions to fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

Diagonal Mar is a modern center with unique initiatives and state-of-the-art facilities that has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence for offering a superior customer experience.

Its privileged location, practically next to the sea and in one of the most innovative areas of the city, offers an offer that satisfies all audiences.

In 2016 Diagonal Mar Shopping remodeled the main access plaza turning it into a trendy and innovative space with the name “La Terraza del Mar”. Signes did all the identification of the square: from the attractive illuminated porticos at the entrance to the Center, the industrial design, to the manufacture of the front facade of the restaurant operators where we placed all the corporate signs of the premises of the square.

The project is complemented by a totem with dynamic digital information that allows for the quick display of content in place of traditional signs.

El proyecto se complementa con un tótem con información digital dinámica que permite mostrar contenidos rápidamente en lugar de las señales tradicionales. The new signs with the most modern technology and design are the responsibility of Signes.