Casa Vicens

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Antoni Gaudí's first house

Casa Vicens is the first commission received by Antoni Gaudí. El proyecto se lo encargó Manel Vicens, agente de cambio y bolsa de Barcelona en 1883. The house will take two years to build and is a summer home of the Vicens family. La casa tardará dos años en construirse y es la residencia de verano de la familia Vicens.

The young Gaudí is a singular and advanced architect, in this first work he already demonstrates a creativity and a truly innovative design for the time with architectural and decorative solutions that dazzle with their imagination and technique.

The house was enlarged in 1925 by Joan Baptista Serra de Martínez because the family converted the summer house into their habitual residence.

It was not until 2018 that architects David García, Elías Torres and José Antonio Martinez Lapeña with the help of expert restorers converted it into the house museum now owned by Banca Mora.

The study of the signage needs of the new museum was carried out by Signes wayfinding technicians supported by the branding company Mucho, professional experts in graphic design for space signage. Signes has also carried out all the manufacturing and industrial assembly of the signage for the four floors with the utmost respect for the building and under the premise that in this project, less is more.

The minimalist signs have been placed only in the essential places, using discreet materials and finishes, fulfilling the function of identifying an unknown space and solving the communication and signage problems of this unique house museum.