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A chain with a great vibe

In 2007, OMB created the corporate identity for Cadena Ser based on the redesign of the logo. This was implemented at the headquarters in Madrid, covering the walls with record covers and old photographs recovered from the radio archive, and also with a system of colorful circles to represent the radio waves.

Oscar Mariné and Cadena Ser entrusted Signes with the implementation of the new identity for the Cadena Ser, part of the Prisa Group.

Several signs with the new brand were manufactured and installed on different floors of the corporate building. The prescribed material was matt polished aluminum, with high luminosity LEDs achieving a very elegant indirect lighting. The wave graphics, represented by neon lights of different shades and vinyl strips of different colors simulating radio waves, were applied throughout the building’s corridors. The signage was completed with floor plan directories, directional and positional signs, which helped to resolve the somewhat chaotic circuits of this old building.