Basilica of the Sagrada Familia

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When the Sagrada Familia went from being a construction in full swing, a work in progress, to a temple of worship that would be massively visited by parishioners and tourists, we were presented with a challenge and an opportunity that was not easy.

This new use of space meant that the communication that the thousands of users would receive had to change radically. The existing provisional supports, with different materials and typologies due to the enlargements of recent years, were transformed into a family of more dignified, more durable, more noble elements with new messages that should help to solve and understand this change of use.

The graphic design was done by Estudi Virgili and Signes was in charge of the industrial design, the wayfinding needs study, manufacturing and assembly.

Panels for signage, multimedia information, as well as furniture for models of the basilica were manufactured, solving all the needs of the users (access, services, visits to the towers, store, museum, rooms, etc.).

The pieces were designed so that they can be displayed correctly, regardless of the number of users of the basilica.

The supports are robust, heavy and self-supporting, as they cannot be anchored to the pavement or walls. The materials used are iroko wood, conveniently protected for the base supports, and painted aluminum and labeled with digital printing on vinyl for the parts where the information is printed.