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Signage is a public service

Administrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias is a public entity that belongs to the Ministry of Public Works. It is the public company that manages the network of railroad lines and their stations in the national territory.

Adif hired the company SUMMA branding specialists for the design and development of its new corporate identity to be implemented in all station entrances, on the facades of buildings, interior lobbies, stores, toilets and platforms. SUMMA incorporated Signes to its work team to carry out the study of the station signage needs and the industrial design.

The challenge was important, since the family of elements to be developed in a project of this size is infinite and the multiple signaling needs of these infrastructures at a national level is immense.

We organized some visits to enter the project and confirm the uses, addresses and destinations of the users. Different types of stations were selected:

– Small, medium and large

· Urbanas y rurales

– With parking in the building itself, with outdoor parking or without parking

With this variety of stations, a family of exterior, interior, emergency and evacuation signage elements was designed to cover 100% of the identification and signage needs of Adif buildings and stations.

The next phase – once the industrial design had been completed – consisted of visiting all the stations in order to identify the signage needs of each one. With this information, Adif commissioned the production and assembly to several companies, given the magnitude of the project, counting on Signes for the first prototype stations and for the most emblematic applications.

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