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The implementation of a new brand

The design of supports is basic, a very broad vision is required, since the signs that will define the new corporate identity must be adapted to different environments, different sizes, modern or historical architectures and to the particular municipal regulations of each city or municipality where their headquarters are located. The identification program, mainly the exterior, will include flexible graphic and industrial solutions that, from a logical and organized corporate vision, will include a variety of sign typologies to form a single visual family.

Abanca is a bank with 700 branches throughout Spain, with a very wide presence in Galicia. The supports used: facade signs, banners, ATM marking, identification vinyls and signage plates, have been manufactured with the latest technology as well as the LED lighting system that contains its luminous supports. Inside, all the messages have been arranged using simple industrial solutions so that the graphic design made by Summa Branding has a total prominence.