Mobile Wayfinding: Easy navigation without the need for apps

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Today, having an easy way to move around in large indoor and outdoor locations is more necessary than ever. Signes Eyedog is a novel solution that uses your cell phone to make this much simpler, and best of all, without having to install any applications!

Easy Navigation with QR and Scan&Go
Signes Eyedog allows you to easily find your way around just by scanning a QR code. This method, called Scan&Go, is super simple: you don’t need to install anything, you just use your phone’s camera to scan and that’s it, you can start walking where you need to go.

How it guides you and is accessible to all
Unlike other systems that use complicated maps, Signes Eyedog shows you clear images that take you step by step to your destination. This is ideal so that anyone can use it easily, including people with mobility difficulties.

An easy interface for all ages
The Signes Eyedog interface is designed to be clear and easy to use, with people of all ages in mind. It is so simple that everyone can use it without any problems, without being confused by the technology.

Plan your visit from home
A great advantage of Signes Eyedog is that it allows you to organize your visit before leaving home, especially useful in hospitals. From the moment you receive your appointment, you can see how to get there and how to move around inside the building from your phone.

Useful in many places
Signes Eyedog is perfect for many places, not just hospitals. It works great in universities, museums, fairs, airports and shopping malls. Its simple technology allows it to be easily adapted to any location.