Vremena Goda Chopping Center

Wayfinding Design
03 Apr. 2017, Moscow, Russia

Luxury shopping in Moscow

The Vremena Goda galleries are located in the heart of Moscow (Russia) they were opened in 2007 and is a fashion and lifestyle shopping centre designed for high-income people who live in the residential areas of the central and western part of the capital.

The stores are intended for the sale of luxury products and services. The shopping centre includes interior design, fashion, luxury items, accessories, jewellery, footwear, gourmet restaurants, luxury VIP cinema, dry cleaning, day care and concierge. On the second floor it has a luxury car dealer of the prestigious German brand Porsche.

This wayfinding project was carried out by Signes in collaboration with the Story & Co. Company.

Given the idiosyncrasy and uniqueness of the VIP clients of this centre - where most customers arrived driven by chauffeurs or in their luxurious limousines - the first thing we advised our client was to check the municipal access signage to the centre because it was wrong, an external VIP parking was created to park the waiting limousines and the entrance to the car park was modernised, both in its precarious exterior image, and in the updating and modernisation of the interior parking. Signes carried out a chromatic study by floor and it was advised to change the lighting of the entire parking.

Our team designed the new entrances to the centre from the parking floors, since 80% of the users entered the Centre from the car park, with custom tailoring for each floor/access, achieving an attractive quality image.

The project consisted in the application of the new identity in the main façade, brand directories, store signage, services, toilets, in short, a family of signs was created that allowed the localisation of all establishments.

The signage production was carried out by a local supplier, directed and supervised by Signes.

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