Palau de la Música Catalana

Interior signage, Signage, Wayfinding Design
02 Apr. 2017, Barcelona, Spain

A concert hall World Heritage by UNESCO

At the beginning of the XX century, Catalan industrialists passionate for music and the arts, financed the construction of Palau de la Música Catalana.The commission was taken upon by the architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner. It was built as of 1905 and was inaugurated in 1908.

The modern work is of great originality, already providing the architect with quite innovative, creative and technological solutions in his time.

In 1997, Unesco include the building in its World Heritage Catalogue. At the end of the 80´s, the team of Óscar Tusquets, Lluís Clotet and Carlos Díaz was commissioned to widen the Palau, receiving due to this award the Premio FAD of Arquitecture, Refurbishing and Rehabilitation.

The architect Óscar Tusquets recommends Signes for the signage project of the Palau. This architect commissioned a relevant commitment given the history and usage of the building.

The challenge was to design signage that was not seen, practically transparent but also meeting its goal, which were to be fully integrated into the building. In the project, more than ever: less is more”.

We fled from the traditional supports working with flashy brass, milling the typographies with design attachments by Eva Blanch for this project, changing any label in another element of decoration, mirrors were used as information aides.

In the crystalized main entrance, acid etching was of the main activities, the logo of Palau de la Música. It is one of our most emblematic projects.

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