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A chic Outlet

Las Rozas Village is one of nine villages in The Bicester Village Shopping Collection in Europe. Its construction dates back to the beginning of the century and was inaugurated in 2006 in Madrid.

An Outlet of luxury brands in an unbeatable outdoor location, a quality villa with excellent service in a chic, trendy and cozy atmosphere. Las Rozas Village has an important activity, organizing glamorous fashion events with exceptional prices in attractive promotional campaigns at incredible prices. Affordable luxury became a novelty, a necessity and an immediate success model. The Property built a villa with cosmopolitan airs that hosts international brand establishments.

The wayfinding program design was provided by Value Retail, carried out by its U.S. design partner. and was the second Center of this Company in Spain, after La Roca Village in Barcelona.

The corporate identity of Las Rozas Village was very floral; giant rosettes, leaves of various designs, endless garlands, birds out of scale, all an amalgam of images mixed with a spectacular result, the brand was characterized by a very powerful typography designed specifically for the main signs. Signes manufactured the largest sign built to date in our Company, 60 meters of laser-cut metal structures illuminated with circus-like light bulbs that identified the Center on its main façade, which took you to a remote, festive, almost movie-like atmosphere, very attractive and innovative, immediately becoming a success in design and execution.

The signage was made by simulating old pieces, anchors expressly seen, screws and metal arms intentionally exposed to recall the old way of building the banners of the stores, an old-fashioned design with a very elegant and exclusive result.