Nobu Hotel Barcelona

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Contemporary luxury, avant-garde design and Japanese minimalism

Founded by Nobu Matsuhisa, Robert De Niro and Meir Teper, with operations spanning five continents, the prestigious Nobu Hotels brand is ranked as one of the most innovative global luxury brands.

In 2018 Selenta Group reached a shared management agreement with them for the opening of their first hotel establishment in Barcelona.

The Gran Hotel Torre Catalunya was completely renovated to become Nobu Hotel Barcelona. Located very close to the Eixample, it has a total of 259 rooms and luxury suites on its 23 floors, as well as a restaurant on the 23rd floor of the prestigious chef Nobu Matsuhisa, with stunning views of the Barcelona skyline.

This has been an integral project: Signes initially carried out the wayfinding project and then took care of the production and installation of the corporate signage for the entire hotel.

Inspired by Japanese minimalism and linking it with the luxury of interior design, full of avant-garde nuances, Signes has designed all the signage elements based on noble materials with very simple and austere lines, giving importance, above all, to the finishes of the materials.

The family of signage elements consists of positional, directional, pictogram and directory elements, as well as all emergency signage.

The result has been a functional and sophisticated signage that blends in with its surroundings, coexisting harmoniously with the architecture and interior design of the hotel.