Mutua Madrileña

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A leading insurer in the sector

Founded in 1930, the Mutua Group is one of Spain’s leading insurance groups. It currently holds leading positions in all the industries in which it operates.

At Signes we have been trusted for years by Mutua Madrileña for the implementation of their identity in their corporate buildings.

The company recently carried out a project to remodel the accesses, outdoor areas and first floor of its headquarters, located on Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid. A comprehensive renovation aimed at improving the experience of customers and visitors, as well as improving the workspaces for employees.

Signes has carried out the wayfinding project, which includes the study of exterior, interior, emergency and evacuation signage needs, as well as the graphic and industrial design of all the elements, based on the client’s corporate identity manual.

We have also carried out the fabrication and installation of the signage.

It has been a challenge in a building with several entrances to the offices, both for the general public and employees, access to parking and auditorium.

The needs study has been carried out by studying the types of users, creating customized access circuits.

High-quality materials, such as stainless steel, combined with aluminum details painted in a corporate blue color, have been used for the exterior signage.

Digital directories have been incorporated into the interior elements, combining practical information with promotional images of the brand.

For emergency and evacuation signage, Signes standards have been followed, which comply with UNE regulations.