Hotel Monument

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Hotel Monument, monumental

This monumental modernist building from 1895, was remodeled in 2016 to become a 5-star Grand Luxury hotel, by the expert hand of Óscar Tusquets in his preliminary project and the impressive interior design of Merçè Borrell.

El desenlace de este valiente planteamiento es un maravilloso espacio de aire contemporáneo, urbano y sofisticado. The 84 rooms have incorporated the “Gaudí panot” in their flooring and the result of the whole complex -including the Lasarte restaurant (three Michelin stars) on the first floor of the building- is of an astonishing singularity.

The challenge of identifying and signaling such a particular and remarkable building consisted of integrating all the signaling elements in the interior design, furniture and vertical walls, in order to provide the necessary information to customers in the most discreet and minimalist way possible. Marks, directories, positional, directional, pictograms and plans have been industrially treated with the same materials and finishes of the building, so that they are adapted and integrated to the existing powerful interior design project.