Baku Formula 1 City Circuit

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Baku Formula 1 Circuit, a full speed challenge

In 2016 Azerbaijan hosted the first Formula 1 grand prix. INTERNATIONAL For one weekend, the single-seaters would be the masters of the asphalt on an urban layout around the historic center of Baku.

With such worldwide promotion, and with thousands of foreign visitors in the country’s capital, the government of Azerbaijan decided to count on Signes to carry out the Wayfinding project. After the good experience in the first European Olympic Games, also held in Baku and in which Signes collaborated, we had the confidence of the organizers.

The challenge was enormous: we had little time to develop the project and the scope was kilometers long: it covered the most emblematic places in the capital.

It was of vital importance to manage large flows and circulations of spectators and guide them to the stands, services and shows set up for the Grand Prix. At the same time, we had to facilitate the daily life of the neighbors whose homes were surrounded by the circuit.

In terms of design, the constraints were not simple: the signs had to be large format to facilitate reading in large outdoor spaces and at the same time resistant to inclement weather (Baku is known as the city of wind), they had to be assembled and disassembled in a week and then stored until the following year.

With all these premises we moved immediately to Baku and after several visits and fluid communication, we managed to reach the finish line just in time. The first Formula 1 Grand Prix at the Baku City Circuit was a success and we are proud to have played a part in it.