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Breaking the myth: parking lots are not always ugly

We will discover how parking garages are transformed into unique and functional access points, demonstrating that they can have a pleasing design while guiding efficiently.

Port Tarraco - Tarragona
Hotel Sofia, Barcelona. Design: Morillas

Port Tarraco - Tarragona

Hotel Sofia, Barcelona. Design: Morillas

How do we improve the experience of users accessing a building through the parking lot?

Good wayfinding design at entrances and exits creates that first impression that makes the difference and significantly improves the user’s brief stay.

Splau Shopping Center, Cornellà de Llobregat. Design: Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield and Signes

In some cases, incorporating wayfinding signage that highlights the lighting at access points and facilitates orientation in the most intuitive way possible.

WPP La Matriz, Madrid. Design: Design Bridge and Partners

Aside from fulfilling its functionality, wayfinding design can help create a comfortable environment with thoughtful aesthetics. After all, for many people, parking garages are the gateways to important buildings.

Puerto Venecia Shopping Center, Zaragoza. Design: Signes

Zielo Shopping Pozuelo, Madrid. Design: Signes

Diagonal Mar Shopping Center, Barcelona. Design: Francésc Rifé Studio

Hospital Universitari Dexeus, Barcelona. Design: Clase Bcn

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