Lasarte, Dry Martini and Mextizo Restaurants

Corporate signage
02 Apr. 2017, Barcelona, Spain

Gastronomic spaces of reference in Barcelona

The Signes policy has always been to get involved in brave projects, singular or catalogued buildings, in emblematic shops where the added value of signage adds to the original project with the upmost discretion; that is why we present these exclusive implantations, with fresh air and industrial materials and finishings that add to the prestige of these local emblematic places who have entrusted the configuration of their identity to our Company.

Mextizo is a restaurant in Barcelona designed by the multidisciplinary architect, Juli, with his Capella & García Architecture team. Fortunately, we enjoy the privilege of having the trust of these architects in all their projects, in order to implement the identity, signage and accessories in all their shops. Obviously, all the designs of Capella are special, made with, much effort and are to be fabricated with ever more pulchritude in the details and finishings.

The main sign, the interior signage and the billboard of golden prices, are accessories that aide to better understand the restaurant philosophy.

Lasarte, de Martín Berasategui, is the best restaurant of Barcelona at the moment. Three Michelin stars confirm it, with Joan Carles Ibañez Head Floor man awarded as the best in 2019.

An exceptional client for Signes. Entrusting us with their image to fabricate it in 3D by designer Merçè Borrell, craftswoman of the interior designer. This type of project allows us to “build muscle” and make small “jewelry” works, impossible to execute in projects of lesser ambition.

Dry Martini is directed by the successful hospitality entrepreneur, Javier de las Muelas, a great friend of Signes since over 30 years.

The design proposal that Carlos Rolando created for Javier was an authentic industrial challenge. Carlos Rolando was a great graphic and industrial designer placing great passion to all his works, even more so when he worked for his friends, in this case Javier y Luis Morón, founder of Signes.

The design of this piece made in copper, chalkboard and luminous tin letters with an extruding copper profile was a huge challenge and a great satisfaction to have her in our catalogue.

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