Fábrica Moritz Brewery

Corporate signage, Interior signage
03 Apr. 2017, Barcelona, Spain

Eat and drink beer at the factory

For Signes, having the trust of the Moritz Beers ownership and of the architects of Jean Nouvel’s workshop was a real privilege. The rehabilitation of the old Moritz Factory was a real challenge. This type of project is what inspires us and we like it because of its complexity. The work "only" lasted four years. It has been the longest project for Signes.

In 2011, the old remodelled factory was opened to the public. In its now modern facilities - since 160 years - beer was brewed. This beer theme park can be visited at arranged times and days and it is an experience that can be lived 365 days a year.

The project was basically aimed at creating giant lamps that would be placed on ceilings, walls, floors, in displays with wheels, screens, all different and with unimaginable shapes, one sided and two sided... The first thing that was done -with Jean Nouvel's colour specialists- was printing tests to test and approve the different images and qualities, both chromatic and texture, transparency, lighting, etc. different materials, finishes, light processes were tested. In short, an impressive project, enormous for its quantity and the originality of all the elements, but also a great experience for our company to be able to work with the best.

Today we continue making unique pieces for the rest of the services or novelties of the factory, always creating pieces with character and personality.

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