El Molino Theater

Corporate signage
03 Apr. 2017, Barcelona, Spain

Centennial concert coffee of Barcelona

The Molino Theatre is the most emblematic cafe-theatre of the Paralelo of Barcelona. Its beginnings date back to the second decade of the 20th century, perhaps because of the 1929 International Exhibition. Remodelled by the architect Joan Alemany who designed the facade that we have known to this day. The first name it had was Petit Moulin Rouge, but since Franco’s dictatorship prohibited any language other than Castilian, it was changed to El Molino, also eliminating the "red" colour associated with the communists.

In the first decade of 21st century a group of seventeen companies invested fifteen million euros to expand, renovate and modernise the premises, introducing new technologies and electronic music.

The team of architects BOPBAA (Josep Bohigas, Francesc Pla and Iñaki Baquero) and the interior designer Fernando Salas are in charge of designing the new and spectacular luminous façade and of recovering and remodelling the entire theatre. Our company was appointed to disassemble the old sign, recover it once repaired and painted and place the new different coloured led lighting. At the same time, the new interior label "El Molino" was built on the stage. We are glad to have done this little work for this great project.

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