City Council of Cartagena

Signage, Tourist signage, Urban signage, Wayfinding Design
25 Jul. 2018, Cartagena, Spain

City Council of Cartagena

Cartagena. Murcia.

A story available to everyone

Cartagena is a city with a great historical tradition and one of the most important destinations in the province of Murcia, with a famous harbor and a rich cultural heritage. Cartagena has an interesting past, full of buildings, monuments, squares, museums, Roman theater, a shelter of Civil War... in short, innumerable historical destinations that tourists did not know because of the lack of signage. The City Council called a competition for the city tourist signage design and manufacture. Signes, for its experience in similar projects, won the contest. The area to be signaled was so immense that our technicians had to carry out the project by moving on a segway.

A family of signs was designed ad hoc with special attention to the industrial part to adapt it to the environment, taking care of the ergonomics of each element. Materials exposed to inclement weather, near the sea or with risk of vandalism must be treated with the highest quality in its manufacture and finishes. Chromatic and generalist typographical solutions were developed to facilitate the understanding and location of destinations as much as possible, as well as an industrial system that would help to an easy maintenance.

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