Anfaplace Shopping Center

Corporate signage, Interior signage, Parking signage, Signage, Wayfinding Design
19 Oct. 2017, Casablanca, Morocco

Anfaplace Shopping Center

Casablanca. Morocco

In Casablanca with Foster & Partners

Taking on a project with Foster & Partners brings with it a certain responsibility. Our client, Inveravante, entrusted us with the coordination, control and development of the signage program for the Anfaplace Shopping Centre, a mall designed by Foster & Partners architects. Signes also carried out the production and assembly.

The challenge was interesting one that required good logistics, with the customer in A Coruña, the architect in London, the job in Casablanca and our factory in Barcelona. The result is impressive; Anfaplace Shopping Centre has become the most modern and innovative commercial facility in Casablanca.

State-of-the-art digital displays placed on large totem signs in the exterior reception area; large, illuminated brand names; entry and guide signposts in the car park; directional and location wayfinders; graphic symbols and commercial signs – all of this combines to form a very attractive signage program. The complementing decorative elements in windows and entranceways were made using digital printing.

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